Entry for October 27, 2008 Return of rebecca

October 27, 2008

It is over a year since I last had a session with Ms C and her feminised sissy husband rebecca. Last time we met we had lots of fun doing a double perm session and some dryer punishment on poor rebecca. Then we lost touch. A couple of months ago Ms C phoned me out of the blue and re established contact. Today she brought rebecca back to the salon for a special session.

rebecca looked quite different from the last time I had seen her with her hair newly bleached, tightly permed and cut into an inverted blunt bob. her hair was back to a mid brown and was held at her nape in a ponytail braided with a thin scarlet ribbon. With hair scraped of her face I could see she still wore 3 earrings in each ear. her face was fully made up with blusher highlighing her cheek bones and a tiny diamond stud in her nose. She was wearing a silk blouse with a tightly laced red leather bustierre. I definitely think her breasts were fuller. She wore a full length black leather hobble skirt with black lacing up both sides on her feet were a pair of 5 in leather ankle boots. At 5’9” these boots made her very tall. on her hands she wore fingerless silk gloves with long pointed scarlet nails. Ms C herself wore her hair in a single length about 2 inches past her shoulders with a center parting again her hair was now back to a natural mid brown.

To start this session rebecca was reintroduced to one of my favorite rubber neck corsets which effectively immobilised her head followed by cuffing her hands behind her back she was ordered to stand still inthe middle of the salon whilst I attended to he Mistress. Abbi washed Ms Cs hair and escorted her back to my station. The plan for Ms C was to take about 6 inch of the length and to create a sleek blunt long bob with a a full square eyebrow length fringe. Cutting her hair took about 20 minutes during which time rebecca strained to stand in her hobble skirt and high boots. After cutting Ms C’s hair we discussed colour and decide that Ms C cut would look good in ebony black with a regular white blonde 1/2 inch highlights sectioned into the underlayer. So firstly I foiled her highlights then continued to apply the color. On went a plastic cap and Ms was under the climasun processor to develop. After the color had developed it was over to the basins to wash followed by a quick dry and then the use of straightening iron and lots of serum to produce a very sleek shiny iron straight blunt cut. Definetely a Dominatrix cut ! The hint of blonde showing through added interest. By this time rebecca was straining to remain upright in her high boots but now it was her turn…………


Entry for September 22, 2008 Hot Hot Hottter

September 22, 2008

I have been unusually quiet over the summer so I thought I would tell you about a new addition to my special salon – a new hairdyer !

Dryer punishement is probably the most sought after treatment in the salon and although I had nice hot dryer with a modified plastic shield so that the dyer could be lowered to enclose most of the face I am always on the lookout for something special.

I found my new dryer at Cathy’s salon in Darlington she had bought in back in the late sixties and when it broke she put it into store in a cupboard. When we were talking about dryers she remembered it and offered it to me.

The dryer is stainless steel and is shaped like a point dome the dome itself is larger and deeper than modern dryers with stainless steel vents and mesh rather than plastic. Cathy told me this was because hair was bigger and required more space when on rollers and the dryer ran at higher temps than current ones. The dryer cam with a box of replacement visors – apparently the visors crazed and cracked after exposure to alcohol in the setting lotions and hairsprays of the day. There is no makers name on it only a tag saying Sheffield England and a model number at the base of the hood.

I have had the dyer for a couple of months and David my electrician handyman friend has replaced the wiring which was old fashioned braided wires and has also replaced the hand held controllers for both heat and fanspeed with digital controls. After a thorough clean of the heating elements and the rest of the bits the dryer now runs like new.

My first victim was a regular customer who enjoys his time under the dryer. As usual he was washed and set on his favourite metal rollers before before being netted and his ears covered with earpads. Time to try the dryer. the dryer was lowered to enclose his face and we began with heat set at 3 and the blower at 3 then then heat at 4 then at the top setting of 5.

After only a few minutes he was beggin for mercy ! So the heat was set to 4 and the dyer speed to 5. This gave a heat output that was just tolerable but the amount of hot air was tremendous. We experimented and found that it was necessary to wet the earpads and also the towel around his neck and that a his hair need rewetting after a dry time of of only 10 minutes . He finally cried for complete mercy after 60 minutes – normally he can take 3-4 hours cycles under my other dryer !

So a new tool in the arsenal for diehard dryer fans and for punishment

Entry for August 11, 2008 Abbi’s Transformation

August 11, 2008

Abbi has been with me for some months now and I decided it would be fun to dramatically alter her appearance just for fun. So for the past 8 weeks she has been kept on strict calorie limit and has lost about 14lbs bringing her down to 100lbs or 45kg at which she looks thin but not size zero. At the same time I have been slowly reducing the size of her training corsets to bring her waist down to 22.5 inch. Four weeks ago I took Abbi to Budapest for the next stage of her transformation where Abbi had a breast augmentation procedure using macrolane injections to increase her bust from 32B to 34DD. Totally wicked !! Back in the UK. The change continued with a visit to a friend of mine for hair extensions. After 5 hours of application Abbi now had a full head of 22in Nordic/honey blonde virgin European hair extensions. After these were applied I cut a full eye level fringe in her now long straight hair. To finish off Abbi’s lips were accentuated with collagen. Now standing before me in a tight red silk full length Chinese dress with a slide slit to mid thigh and 6 inch red heels complete with full red lips and makeup and long straight blonde hair she looks like a living breathing Barbie doll. Perhaps her breasts need to be a little fuller?

Salon fun part 2

June 5, 2008

With Abbi prepared we were ready for the first group of 3 clients. All 3 were booked in for roller sets and various amounts of dryer time. Two clients were established clients and one was attending for the first time.

Client one was given his standard treatment of a very vigorous and rough extended shampoo followed by setting of his 6 inch length hair on small pick rods client one always brings his own flowery cape and highly perfumed setting lotion . With a pink net he was 40 minutes under the dryer followed by extensive comb out and spray al a Margaret Thatcher.

The second client was new, but had been on my waiting list for about 8 months. During this time he had complied with my instructions to try to grow and keep his hair as long as possible. The client was early 20s and was quite small and dainty for a man. His hair was centre parted and mid brown and just touching his shoulders. He was wearing a pink t-shirt with Fun Girl in silver sequins and mid length jeans with pink canvas converse shoes. As a first visit I had offered her a roller set and some dryer time which was easily achieved. I love the way she explored her netted hair in the mirror and with her hands. So now I had two sitting in a row under dryers filling the salon with the sweet smell of lotion. After dealing with client one. I unnetted client 2 and began to comb her out into a curly style using a pair of tongs to accentuate the barrel curls finishing her hair off with a broad black Alice band. Again Abbi finished her off with makeup and painted her nails. I though he was cute and I talked her into have 2 sets of studs in her ears. He was intrigued with Abbi and they spent some time talking about servitude and mistresses and about Abbi’s journey. Potential there??

The third client was also a repeat customer and he changed at the salon into a high neck white cotton blouse with and a black ankle length pleated skirt with shiny red ankle length boots. Abbi did his make up giving him bright red lips accentuated cheek bones and full smoky grey eye makeup. As the client crossed the salon there was a very obvious ‘tent’ in his dress. Last time this client visited we played the ‘to perm or not game’ which she managed to escape from. Now with this little ‘tent’ issue his fate was sealed. For this unlady like reaction to being in my salon he was strapped to the chair at ankles waist and wrists then laced tightly into a rubber bondage neck corset and rolled up on smallest perm rods I had in the shop. I could see him desperately trying to work out if I really was going to perm his hair this time but his hope was quickly ended when Abbi brought over the squeezy bottle of solution. Even then he despairingly thought I might be bluffing until he began to catch the distinctive smell of perm solution at work. He continued to plead get me to relent but as I told him ‘every time you visit you play with fire’. He lapsed into silence as I set up the processor over his head and set the temp and timer. Interestingly he still had a tent in his dress. When the timer went he was wheeled across to the sinks to be rinsed and neutralized. As I removed the rod he could see just how tight the perm was. Back to the station I rewrapped his hair on slightly bigger rods and he began 3 40 minute rounds of dryer punishment. After removing the rods I sprayed his hair and used diffuser and my hands to relax the spiral curls a little. Abbi fixed his make up and his ordeal was over. As we removed the restraints we noticed that the tent had gone and been replaced by very obvious wet stain on his dress??

Entry for May 28, 2008 Back in the Salon part 1

May 28, 2008

Last weekend was a Bank holiday in the UK which meant I could concentrate on 2 full special salon days to begin to catch up with clients after my 2 months away. Sunday morning began with some preparation. First in the salon at 7am was Abbi. Over my time away her hair had grown and her highlights were fading and quite straggly. For the day Abbi was dressed in a pretty Victorian long sleeved heavily starched white cotton blouse, a red rubber waist cincher an ankle length black rubber hobble skirt and black 5’’ high heels with a single ankle bar complete with padlock. Around her neck was a 2 inch wide black satin enclosed steel choker. Once firmly strapped in the chair Abi was ready to be bleached . Secretly I think she looked forward to me sectioning her hair before brushing on the thick blue crème followed by 30 minutes under the processor. Her hair was then rinsed before applying toner to give the final almost white Nordic blonde I so love. After a second stint at the basin he r hair was towelled dry and I began to cut her hair I had already decide that the very chiselled angular bob that I had her in at Christmas was the look I wanted with a very square full fringe with the length at chin length rising at about 30 degrees to the nape. The nape itself was at two lengths with thick upper layer cut bluntly at the level of he middle of the ear and a second under layer tapered into the nape. To finish the style I then carefully pasted on a 2cm line of midnight black dye along her centre parting and to the tapered nape. After 40 minutes it was a third time to the basin before blow drying her hair and using straighteners and serum to create a slick bob. After making her face up and attaching acrylics she was ready to work as my receptionist for the day

Back in UK May 22, 2008

May 22, 2008

I have been away at my villa in Portugal for the last 2 months. I am now back in UK and raring to go. I have emailed most of my clients to re arrange appointments – if you have not heard from me email me.

I hope to have an updated blog ASAP

Entry for February 27, 2008 An Extreme sissy makeover

February 27, 2008

I have been looking forward to today’s session for quite a long time now. About 6 months ago a Mistress in Manchester emailed me and asked if she could bring her sissy for a special session. Over the next few months we got to know each other and plan today. so at noon today Mistress and her sissy arrived. sissy was 25 and dressed in a very short powder blue satin maids dress with several hooped crinolines holding the skirt almost horizontal from the body. sissy also wore shimmering white stockings and garterbelt. her waist was held tightly in a matching blue waist clincher. Her hair appeared at first sight to be blonde and was done in a sleek french pleat. In each of her ears was a line of 12 tiny pastel coloured glass studs. her makeup was perfect and she had obviously had collagen injections to plump up her lips. Fingernails were long and french polished. Very impressive !

sissy curtsied and then took her place in front of my station. Mistress informed me that sissy would not require to be restrained during the session as she knew the consequences of doing so. As she sat before me I could see that he blond hair was in fact a wig and upon removal of it and the stocking sissy’s real hair was revealed. sissy’s hair was dark brown, single length to just below her shoulders and with a centre parting.

With her Mistress sitting alongisde the first step of her process was to lift the colour from her hair using a hi lift bleach mix. With her hair bleaching under the processor Mistress and I looked through some of the colur swatches for the perfect colour. After about 35 min the sissy’s hair was rinsed and towelled dry ready for the next part of the process which involved toning the sissy’s hair a metallic platinum blonde shade at the same time fine sections of her hair were separated and foil wrapped with a fanatastic sky-blue permanent colour. sissy was once again placed under the low heat of the processor for a further 30 min. After washing out the toners sissy was returned to the styling chair for her hair to be cut. Essentially I got rid of her centre parting replacing it with an full long length fringe to just above her eyebrows. After drying her hair and styling it we both sat back and looked at the final result a very femme style that framed her face set off by strategically place blue lites that matched her dress.

As we admired the results her Mistress turned to me and with a wicked grin said ‘shall we?’

I responded that it wasn’t recommended but why not. So poor sissy found herself at the centre of attention again. Within minutes I was wrapping her freshly bleached and coloured hair onto white perm rods and to maintain a really tight curl I used a a piggyback technique winding half the hair on one rod then finishing the length off on a second rod. I left the fringe unwrapped. It is not recommend to perm freshly coloured hair and certainly not to use an alkaline perm but for long lasting tight curls alkaline always beats the milder acid perm. Afte completing the wrap sissy once again was under the processor. 30 minutes later she was at the basin and neutralised and then rinsed. At this point before unwrapping the perm I included a conditioning step to try and minimise damage. As it was the perm was OK with little sign of broken strands. As a final insult the sissys hair was saturated with setting lotion, wrapped on rods again, then netted sissy was firmly set under a hot dryer this time immobilised with straps around her wrists and ankles for 45 minutes, during which time I cut Mistress’s hair and added a single sky blue highlight to her hair. After 45 minutes sissy was visibly wilting under the heat of the dryer but Mistress suggested we nip out to Costa coffee and sissy endure a second round of dryer time. On our return the sissy was finally in the home straight. I laquered and pinned her hair up into a very curly updo and dryed and laquered her fringe over a large barrel curler to produce a single sleek curl to contrast against the mass of tight curls. Mistress took a whole series of photos which she promised to post. I wait with baited breath !!!

Entry for January 15, 2008 Christmas Activity

January 15, 2008

The run up to both Christmas and New Year was hectic as usual with all salons fully booked right up til Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Thankfully the pace has slackened in the first 2 weeks of January.

Abbi proved to be very useful over this period of time as a domestic servant. I had her live in over the period in fact she was given a room at the top of house originally used by domestic servants of the household back at the turn of the last century. As befits her place Abbi was dressed dressed in a uniform of a white high necked cotton blouse and an ankle length pencil skirt. In November she began corset training and now permanently wears a boned Victorian corset which has reduced her waist several inches. her outfit is finished with 3 inch ankle boots and a full length heavy duty white cotton apron. Apart from her hairstyle she would not be out of place in the 1890s. I have decide to allow Abbi to grow her hair longer although I have maintained the mixture of blonde lowlight including caramel and toffee with the addition of a few redder tones. This contrasts starkly with the dark hair of her nape which is now growing back. Abbi has not been re-permed and she is required to maintain her curls with a combination of nightly setting on inch rollers and the use of tongs and hairspray throughout the day to maintain tight curls at all times. This is particularly tiresome for her if she is doing the laundry or any other tasks that produces steam and a damp atmosphere.

Just before Christmas Emma finally was permed. I wanted Emma to have a headful of long tight barrel curls which I achieved using flexy perm rods and a flat spiral wrap. As I had recently coloured Emma, I used an acid perm which initially gave quite good results but was prone to relaxation. This means that the style is high maintenance and require Emma to have her hair tonged evey day to keep the barrel curls intact and tight.

Entry for January 01, 2008 Best and Worst of 2007

January 1, 2008

Looking back at 2007

Best Customer: Ms C and rebecca

Definitely the best sessions of the year. Many fantasise about femininising a partner Ms C has done it quite successfully. I loved working on them both and look forward to seeing them in 2008 (hint hint)

Best Newcomer Abbi? or Emma?

Surprisingly both are female! Wo said that hair fetish and submission are limited to the male of the species. It is hard to decide who is the best between these two. Possibly Abbi ? young beautiful truly submissive. But then so is Emma?

Stupidest Customer Hard to decide!

3 contenders>

Number 1 after a tight perm on pink rods thought I could straighten his hair by extensive combing and the use of staighteners No stupid!

Number 2 asked to be restrained and peroxided cried when I did it -moral don’t ask for what you can’t handle

Number 3 similar to number 2 wanted a set then extended dryer time and as hot as possible. After 5 minutes decided that he didnt like the heat or the sensation – tough !

Biggest Annoyancies:

1. The Cowards who are no shows for appointments

2. People who steal my pics – a especially the couple of despicable scum who wormed in close and gained my trust only then to publish pictures of me and special salon action. Net result I will not realease more pics EVER

Looking forward to 2008

Hopefully more great sessions !

Entry for December 17, 2007 Last session of the year

December 17, 2007

Christmas is in full swing and the salons are fully booked til Christmas Eve so no more opportunities to use one of the salons on a Wedneday for special appointments until the New Year.

Last week I had six clients booked in for treatment but as has happened recently I had 2 no shows ! I am disappointed by these as I spend a lot of time vetting potential candidates to try to ensure they are genuine.

So down to 3 clients. I used Abbi as my receptionist and helper she looked stunning in a tight white blouse and full length hobble skirt and 5 in heels. I had her extravagantly made up with bright red glossy full lips and long red fingernails. In her ears were a group of three graduated hoops – from 2in diam upt to enormous 6inch hoops. Her hair is strating to grow and her nape is dark contratsting to the bleached blonde length of her hair. With a centre parting a clear black line of roots is now apparent giving her a slightly slutty look.

First client has been a regular visitor over the years and his request for a forward vigorous and thorough shampoo followed by setting on small rods was straightforward. he always likes to bring his own flowery cape and highly perfumed setting lotion (from France). After setting him it was on with a pink net and then 40 minutes under the dryer followed by extensive comb out and spray.

The second client had also been before and he got dressed in the staff room into a powder blue silk blouse and a grey knee length pencil skirt dark tights with ankle length boots. Abbi helped with his make up. the client was washed and rolled up on pink perm rods complete with papers before we came to the shall I perm you for real this time or not? interchange. I love this part as I am quite prepared to do it and perhaps secretely he is perhaps hoping I will but praying I will not. Today I took him to the window of the salon overlooking the street below. The decision of whether he was permed or not depended on whether the 16th car passing by was blue or not a blue car = perm any other colour = reprieve. This time he was lucky the 16th car was red. To make up for my disappointment he suffered 3 rounds of dryer punishment and the promise that next time the odds would be either odd or even. Will he return?

The third client was a new client that I have been talking to for about 6 months. A dedicated follower sHe had completed a number of challenges for me – getting her ears pierced getting acrylic nails for a weekend etc. Now was her turn in the salon where I had promised to give her an unmistakably femminine bob. I had alway been impressed how femme she could look and thought that a good cut would enhance her looks so much. Since I wanted to drive what was happening I had her strapped down to the chair and fitted a bondage collar around her neck. Thus immobilised I began to lighten sections of her mid brown hair concentrating on lightening the hair framing her face. sHe was not expecting this to happen and was visibily silent and pale. After allowing the bleach to do its work I then released her from her shackles to wash hair befor beginning to cut it in a blnnt bob. Her hair was quite fine and razor straight which make the cut easy. I cut a box around her face leaving the full fringe long. I thought the results were stunning and sHe look really passable if only her jaw line was finer and her hands and feet smaller !