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Entry for May 29, 2007 This week’s update

May 28, 2007

Not much to report this week I was away for a few days with a friend in Budapest. I was very interested to hear of Ms Sabrina in Birmingham and of set guy’s account of his recent visit. The more salons catering for this client base the better. The salon certainly seems old fashioned and I know this is important to many roller and set fans . Of course most of these salons have disappeared over the years as people sought out new shiny chrome up to date salons – my mother did and as I was growing up I was more entraced by modern salons with the latest equipment and styles. Even now I strive to keep my salons up to the minute. However that doesn’t mean new salons aren’t fun. Just as set guy visited Ms Sabrina, I had a ‘special’ Wednesday with 3 appointments for setting – 2 male-male & 1 female (all 3 seeking extra extra dryer time – now denying dryer time is the new punishment) together with 1 appointment for a makeover and highlights (sissy/male brought in by a male ‘Friend’) and a female for an undercut bob, Very busy afternoon and quite interesting seeing the reactions as clients experienced not only their own hair being done but also seeing others having their hair processed in different manners and their reactions to my very femmed assistant.


Emma’s progress

May 25, 2007

Last time I wrote about Emma she had had her hair set and in an updo for the first time. I was wondering how I might get her into a regular schedule of formal hairstyles. Now 2-3 weeks later I am pleased to say that I have her tied into roller/dryer time 3 days a week Monday to Friday and the threat of having her hair in rollers ALL weekend.

The problem with weekday salontime was fitting it in with her working week. This was actually easily solved by using flexi time. On a Monday Wednesday and Friday she now starts at 10 am which gives just enough time to wash roll and dry her long hair. For now I have insisted that she has her hair set in an updo and she has the added burden of making sure that each stlye is different from the one before. To make this work I do her hair midweek and have her choose other salons to dress her hair on the other occassions. If I am unhappy with any of the styles then I can guarantee her some serious dyer bondage at the weekend.

So far it is working well. I think she looks very smart and that a formal hairstyle adds to her authority in her work enviroment.

I am sure she doesn’t enjoy the rigours of having to be at a salon at 8am 3 days a week or the restrictions of always having her hair up.

Any downsides? Her hair is less shiny than previously probably form the build up of product in her hair certainly she geeting through QUITE a lot of setting lotion and laquer each week – however a deep cleanse on Saturdays works well and restores shine. Also haer hair color that I applied is fading far faster than I have seen with other clients – but that gives opportunity to change it.

Black and White

May 9, 2007

Monday was a Holiday in the UK and a chance to complete a session that had been talked about and played with for several months. The session involved a couple with a Dominant wife and a very sub husband that I had met about a year ago when I was toying with finding a femme looking man to transform. The plan was get both to the salon and see what we could do to give ‘rebecca’ a femme style. rebecca looked quite convincing when she arrived at the salon she was about 5’9” slim and had quite fine features which combined with shoulder length hair made him look quite girly. This was helped by the fact that she had been on premarin for about 2 years and had developed small breasts which were obvious. Ms C. was about the same height pretty with mid brown highlited bobbed hair. The plan was give rebecca a spiral perm and to cut Ms C’s hair into a sleek A-line bob starting just about bottom of cheek level rising to mid ear level at nape. Firstly I washed both sets of hair before beginning with rebecca rolling her hair up onto 1/2in diam spiral rods before allowing Ms C the pleasure of mixing the perm solution and liberally applying it to rebecca’s hair. After covering her hair with a cap and setting her under the processor for the perm to take. Then onto Ms. C in the next chair. Starting from a blunt bob it was relatively easy to quickly cut a precision A line bob into her hair which was relatively fine and absolutely straight. Back to rebecca and neutralisation of the perm and unwinding of the perm. With her hair towel dry I then cut her hair into a similar length A line bob as her Mistress. When doing a permed bob I always like to perm first then cut although others like to cut first. As her hair dryed I jokingly said one curly one straight maybe we should have one dark one light. Ms C thought this was a great idea and quickly decided that rebecca should be blond and she should be dark.

I explained that bleaching freshly permed hair was not recommended and that we should wait a couple of weeks but Ms C was insistent that today was the day. So for poor rebecca that meant a second process. To try and minimise the damage to her hair I covered her hair in conditioner and left her sitting while I began to color Ms C – she had chosen dark damson from the colour chart. Once she had colour on and under the processor I returned to rebecca after washing her hair again and I used bleach to lift her colour being very careful to avoid over exposing her hair which was very porous and easy to lift the colour from followed by application of a nordic blonde shade. Her hair turned out lighter than planned but was surprisingly in good condition after undergoing two intense processes in a day. Two quite contrasting looks -one sleek, dark and shiny one VERY blond and very curly.

Brilliant day and if you are reading this I look forward to another visit from you both!

1000+ visitors in 3 weeks

May 7, 2007

Astounded !! I have had over 1000 visitors in the last 3 weeks. from this I have ahd about 100 emails. Most emails cover the same ground so I thought I would include a blog entry answering the common questions:

Are you for real?

Yes I am a dominant hairdresser in the UK . I am female and I have a number of hair salons. I use one exclusively about once per month to perform some special hairdressing and beauty services.

Can I make an appointment?

Yes but I have a stable client list and only consider new clients after I have got to know them and trust them through email etc. This is because a large proportion of potential clients recently have proven to be timewasters – particularly men!

Can we see pictures of you and/or salon action?

The answer is NO. I have tried this in the past – I even had a website but no matter how I tried to protect my images they were inevitably stolen and spread far an wide across the web. As you can appreciate I run a successful business and that depends on discretion and keeping a divide between my mainstream salons and my interest in fetish hairdressing. Equally most clients also do not want to be identified.

Are there really submissive females and sissy men who want punishment perms and salon bondage etc

In fantasy land Just look at the number of yahoo groups . But in the real world the numbers are quite small remember a punishment perm or an extreme cut or colour won’t brush out the next day

Do you see clients in a normal salon?

I do see a number of special female clients who want special treatments in a normal salon setting. I have a couple of males that can jus about pass en femme that I have invited to a normal salon.