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A quiet week

April 30, 2007

I promised myself that I would try to add an entry every week. Last week was quiet I worked 4 days in the one of the salons but pretty much it was business as usual – routine cuts, hilites etc. nothing exceptional but still enjoyable.

As to my darker side – again a quiet week. I had Emma back in the salon mid week again I decided to leave her hair long and straight but cut a box around her face with the fringe/bangs just above her eyeline looks quite 60s retro. Her hair has a natural kink so she needs to use her straighteners frequently to keep it sleek. On Sunday she came over to do my laundry. I dressed had her dress in a high neck cotton blouse without bra and a calf length pencil skirt that tapers in severely to restrict the size of her step combined with Victorian button boots with 41/2in heel. I like the combination which shows her shape off beautifully. To make things fun I braided her hair around a stainless steel ring which was attached via a chain to the ceiling. So for 4 hours she was fixed to the spot doing my ironing. For some odd reasons ironing bondage appeals to me – but there are few photos of this on the web ( unless you know better??).

I am still considering developing a theme of roller/dryer bondage with Emma but I am still struggling with the details. For example if I make it a requirement for her to undergo a set each morning then it is difficult find 90 min salon time each morning before she starts work. perhaps an evening appointment might work but it doesnt have the same impact as maintaining a ‘coiffe’ all day. Any ideas welcome.


Oh Dear ! Was this me?? Arborwood forum entry

April 22, 2007
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34. “Re: Bondage in the salon?”

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Last year I had a tremendous experience with a Dominant hairstylist. I found an advert for her on Mrs Silks and after some emails mad an appointment. The appointment was for a Wednesday when the salon closed early. When I arrived I was ushered into a backroom to change and put some makeup on before appearing back in the salon. I was directed to sit on a sofa at the front of the salon until 2 other clients arrrived. At this point each of us was fitted with a 4 in wide posture collar and leather bracelets to wrists and ankles. One by one we were led to the back of the salon where an a very blonde and madeup androgynous assistant (possibly a male?) washed our hair and then led us to three styling stations. At this point we were secured to the chairs at ankles and wrists and by a leather straparound our bodies and upper arms. Basically I couldnt move and movement of my head was restricted by the collar. At his point Mistress appeared and the ordeal began. The client to my right was first and had her hair wound on small perm rods. I was next and firstly my hair which is about collar length was layered then to my horror she told me that perhaps I would be permed too I began to struggle as we had agreed that everything would be reversible. Ignoring me she and her assistant continued to wrap the ends of hair in paper and roll then onto to small pink rods. After this she then smeared a layer of creme around my hair line and finished this with a roll of cotton wool and a plastic neck bowl. The assistamt then appeared with tow bottle of perm solution placing on in front of me and handing the other to her Mistress. In the mirror in front I watched as the she applied this to the first client hair saturating it with solution and releasing the pungent odour of perming.
She then appeared behind me with the solution in hand and I was really struggling and protesting so much so that she stuffed a rolled up net into my mouth to quieten me. Just as she began to squeeze the bottle she told me that she had changed her mind and then saturated my hair with setting lotion and tying my hair in a net. She then wheeled over a dryer and lowered it over my head it was a very deep dryer as she managed to enclose my whole head with the visor reaching below my chin. After switching the dryer on she then began work on the final client who was sitting shocked waiting to see what was coming. This client had smae length of hair as me and th Mistress quiclkly begna to cut it into a very feminine inverted bob cut high at the neckline. She the told her client that bobs looked better in blond and began to bleach his hair – which he seemed pleased about. As I sat under the dryer I watched the first client being neutralised and rinsed and a very tight head of curls emerge. After about 40 minutes the dryer was removed but instead of continuing the Assistant sprayed my hair with a mixture of setting solution and water and restarted the dryer. Again 40 minute later this process was repeated again and then a 3rd time. By now I am completely lost as to what is happening. But after a 4th round of setting and drying the Mistress finally relents and releases me from the drier. She removes the perm rods carefully from my very stiff hair and after a quick pick with a wide tooth comb she finishes my hair of by spraying it with laquer leaving it for a minute then respraying it until it almost shines with laquer.
Did I enjoy the experience -YOU BET but it was very expensive and I have not had the courage to return as I might just come out blond or permed.

Entry for April 17, 2007 Emma’s afternoon

April 17, 2007

Monday afternoon was quiet so time to have fun with Emma. Emma is a relatively new venture. I met her in a few weeks ago at a fetish night club and have just begun to explore things with her. Today was to be her first visit to the salon and I had some things planned to make it a fun almost vanilla afternoon. Emma is 26 a slim 5’7” with long just past her shoulders lightish highlighted hair. I am still not sure what I ultimately want to do with her looks, but today I decided to colour her a deep mahogany then to iron her hair straight before collecting it in a tight french pleat held in place with lots of laquer. Surprisingly she had never had her ears pierced and I finished her off with some nice sparkly cubic zirconium studs. Overall a very sophisticated yet sexy look for a couple of hours work. Next stop a nail salon visit for a set of acrylic nails before the final surprise for Emma – a visit to have her nipples pierced. I just love girls with nipple rings and it is something I insist on as a visible sign of commitment.

Monday evening with Emma was fun if tiring – but that is a private matter. Needless to say I am looking forward to developing her further – watch this space.

Fetish Hairdressing

April 11, 2007

The most emails I get ask me about my fetish hairdressing services. I get about 20 enquiries per week from people asking for appointments but after weeding out the timewasters and photograph collectors I probably get about 1 serious potential client every other month. Indeed I tend to work with a small group of established clients who I trust. My client list is about 90% female and 10% femme males with the odd straight male. Almost all clients are submissives. There is a great difference in services between femal and males. Most males ultimately are interested in hair setting /dryers and perming scenarios. In contrast most females are more interested in more fetish aspects of hair and being punished with enforced cuts – geometric cuts ultrashort fringes shaven napes undercuts etc or in enforced color changes or punishment cuts or punishment perms than in setting/drying scenes.

However talking with others here it may be that I will introduce a weekly roller set extended dryer time type bondage to some of my female clients.

Entry for April 04, 2007 What’s hot what’s not

April 4, 2007

I thought it would be fun to keep you up to date with trends in my mainstream salon

What’s in:

Pobs – Victoria Beckham inspired inverted bobs have been the most requetsed new cut last month. Bobs in general appear to be back I have been cutting lots!

Curly wedged bobs: These are popular with people who have begun to grow bobs out then got stuck with ideas for slightly longer hair. We have permed one or two clients each day to get the curl followed by the cut. Growing in popularity these are longer than the 80s variety and can either be inverted at the nape or let longer all over

Longer hair – still lots of people are growing hair out to below shoulder length – boring only trimming needed one or two persuaded to try a perm


Best seller as always is highlights on some days it seems all clients are being lightned. Foil lites outnumber caps by 9:1. Using lots of carmel and toffee and interesting shades of highlights . Real move away from rigid 1cm symmetrical stripes to blended lites.

Thankfully the ‘skunk’ look is dead – bleached top layer over dark or darkened layers.

For dark hair lots of cheshnuts and red mahogany are being requested. On straight hair we can really making a shiny head of colour by blending several shades.

On really dark hair still using lots of red highlights but have now done a few dark blues lowlites – I think looks miles better